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EARWIRE: Sterling Silver 925


STONE: 10 mm Size Gemstone.

Choose from 7 stones of your choice below:

- Dark Green Jade

- Light Green Jade

 - Pink Jade (dyed)

 - Blue Jade (dyed)

 - Amethyst

 - Rose Quartz

 - Tiger Eye


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*The colour of stone may slightly be different and they might contain visibly crack line in nutural stone

FANTASTIC FLOWER - Gemstone Bead and Pretty Flower with Silver 925 Earwire

SKU: 36523641234523
£10.00 Regular Price
£8.00Sale Price
  • FASTASTIC FLOWER is a pair of beautiful stones: green jade, pink jade (dyed), blue jade (dyed) or amethyst and pretty tibetan silver flower on top with sterling silver 925 earwire (so they are great even with those who has sensitivity ear).

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    Abundance, Wellbeing, Ambition

    Alleviate anxiety, fear, and promote good luck, brings prosperity. Inspires and induces ambition toward the accomplishment of objectives.



    Calming, Intuition, Wisdom

    Reduces insomnia, aids meditation, balance, and inner strength; gets rid of negative thoughts and can increase spiritual wisdom"


    Rose Quartz

    Love, Trust, Emotional Healing

    Believe to help to open the heart for true love and friendship. Nurturing. Comforting energy. Bring inner peace


    Tiger Eye

    Good fortune, Discernment, Grounding

    Enhances personal power, integrity and the ability to bring heaven to earth. Bring order, stability, wealth, and integration

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