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High Quality...Beautiful...Meaningful...Colourful

Gemstone JewelleryArtisan from Cambridge

Handcrafted in Cambridge, UK. (Meaning if you need alterlation. Chat with us, happy to help)

CODE: DELIVERY50, Free delivery for any baskets of £50 or over

"Delightful ways to wear your Gemstones"



Hi Gorgeous!

Looking for beatiful high quality waearble gemstones/pearl with affordable price? Happy you are here. We wish to serve you our best.

"Beautiful, Meaningful, Colourful Jewellery"

Gemstone & Pearl are our favarite beads for your  jewellery. With aim to provide beautiful & meaningful gift/product with top quality, all products come with stone meaning for your loved ones or treat yourself.

We hope you enjoy your jewellery from us.



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